Watermelon and Feta Salad

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With the hot British weather looking set to last the rest of summer, the focus on light and refreshing dishes has never been so prominent. Those seeking a taste of the Mediterranean in their own back garden can enjoy this hydrating and vibrant watermelon and feta salad. You can even wow guests at a BBQ or a picnic in the park.


¼ Watermelon – Skin removed and diced 1 inch thick

Feta – 200g diced or crumbled

Kalamata olives – 50g pitted

Red chilli – 1 finely chopped

Olive oil – 10ml

Garlic clove – 1 clove

A sprig of thyme and rosemary

½ large lemon, remove rind and julienne (slice rind into thin strips). Juice the flesh

Basil leaves – 10g

Mint leaves – 10g


To make the dressing, slowly and carefully heat olive oil, adding the garlic, chilli, thyme and rosemary, lemon rind.

Gently heat for 3 minutes, add lemon juice, salt and pepper. It’s important to do this slowly to avoid burning any of the added elements.

Set aside to cool

To serve, spread the diced watermelon in the desired dish, sprinkle the feta on top, spoon over olives and distribute the dressing evenly.

Finish with a fine chiffonade of basil and mint – this will bring out all the flavour.

RECIPE CREDIT:  Sopwell House’s Executive Head Chef Gopi Chandran

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