Tips on sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions

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Love them or hate them, most us make New Year resolutions with one of the top ones being getting fit and healthy. And while we have good intentions to stick to them, it’s not always easy. But with a few tips, you really can stick to those resolutions beyond January. So whether you’re a fitness pro or a complete beginner, you really can achieve any goals and stick to them. Here’s some helpful tips. 

Set realistic goals 

Setting a goal is the first step to any New Year’s resolution. It should be specific, measurable and crucially attainable. Setting a realistic aim will help avoid any failures. 


Put in the diary 

I schedule training sessions in my diary just like I would have a meeting with a friend or an editor. When you write things down you are more likely to stick to them. So plan your training sessions and keep to them. 

Buddy Up 

Exercising with others helps you to stay accountable. If you make a commitment to a friend about attending a gym class or training session, you are less likely to let them down than if you were going alone. Also, the session can double up as a social meeting. According to Strava data, people who exercise with friends are 22% more active.  


Join a club or group 

You can take buddy-up to a next level by joining a group or a club. There are lots of running, bootcamp, and fitness groups out there that can help motivate you to stick to your health regime. There are numerous groups out there to cater for most fitness interests and abilities. Social media like Twitter and Facebook are good places to find groups near you. 

Get out of bed early  

Getting a workout at dawn has huge benefits because it can free up time in the day, help you stay more focused for the rest of the day, you’re more likely to avoid distractions and the gyms will be emptier. If you’re not a morning person, get to bed earlier and prep your training kit the night before. 


Build fitness into your day 

Commuting to and work is a great way of building fitness into your daily routine. You could jump off the tube or bus a couple of steps earlier and walk, cycle the whole commute if possible or even do a lunchtime run/jog. It’s one of the most economical ways of getting fitness in.

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