The Lowdown on The Keto Diet

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We all know that health and fitness in a multi-billion pound industry. It’s no surprise then that diets are searched on the web all the time. But did you know that the keto diet is the most googled diet over the past year? It’s the one that claims to help you lose weight by eating fat. It’s the reason why there’s been a sharp increase in grass-fed better used in coffee and avocado and eggs for breakfast. But the diet is not new. It’s actually been prescribed to epilepsy sufferers since the 1920’s to help control seizures.


What is the keto diet? 

The eating plan known by its full name as the ketogenic diet, is based on consuming high fat food while keeping carbs extremely low. The goal for keto dieters is to gain around 75 per cent of their daily calories from fat, 20 per cent from protein and only 5 per cent from carbs. The theory is that after 3-4 days of this way of eating, the body reaches a state of ketosis – it will use fat as its primary source of energy rather than carbohydrates. The body will become leaner as you begin to lose weight. 


The keto diet claims 

As mentioned above, the keto diet was once upon a time simply used for the treatment of epilepsy. Today, the diet has been adapted into primarily as a weight-loss diet. Studies have shown that the keto diet can not only cause rapid weight loss, maintains muscle strength and can reduce appetite and food intake. 

The cons 

While the keto diet can be especially effective for those with Type 2 diabetes who need to carefully maintain their intake of carbohydrates and sugars, and it may work for those who enjoy a high fat diet, it’s not without its flaws. There are risk factors with this diet including the small potential for ketoacidosis, a condition in which your blood becomes acidic due to the build up of excess ketones in your body which can result in muscle cramping, headaches, constipation, and in very serious cases, coma. Some have reported feeling unusually low moods while on the keto diet, having trouble sleeping and becoming overly obsessed about their food, showing that it’s not only physical health that your nutrition can affect. 


Will the keto diet work for you? 

It’s difficult to say whether a fad diet like this can work for you personally without having more of an insight into the way that your body metabolises certain types of food and nutrients, as well as knowing how well you do with diets in general. But the key thing is that a diet will only work if it becomes a lifestyle change that you stick to and if it’s one that your body agrees with, after all, a diet shouldn’t just be about losing weight; it should aim to improve your overall health and wellness.  

NOTE: This article was written in collaboration with information provided from a press release by Qlu Health. You can read more about the keto diet here.

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