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Staying hydrated with Vit Stix

Written by Sabi Phagura on . Posted in Health


Despite our best intentions (mine included), we don’t always get the right nutrients and vitamins into our bodies. With my jet setting lifestyle combined with all the exercise I cram into my daily life, it’s even harder. And since I’ve included Bikram Yoga in my life again, I’m a little more conscious of re-hydrating properly. Buying bottles of water with minerals can be costly so when I stumbled across Vit Stix, I thought it was worth a punt. 

Oat of This World Porridge Day!

Written by Sabi Phagura on . Posted in Health


Did you know World Porridge Day is an international event? It was first held back in 2009 to raise funds for the charity Mary’s Meals based in Argyll Scotland to help aid starving children in developing countries. Thinking about this amazing work made me think about porridge, or oats as it is known in the states, and how healthy this staple food is. And you don’t have to eat just at breakfast. It can be eaten in smoothies, cakes and biscuits too. Here’s five reasons why it should form part of your diet.