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Relax……It’s National Relaxation Day (Yes, it really is!)

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You’d think with Covid-19 kicking in this year and having to stay at home and do nothing, we would all be a little relaxed. Wrong! In fact, we have been the opposite and more stressed than ever. Add to that feeling the pressure of having to ‘do more’ during the lockdown, such as keeping fit, baking, learning a new skill, relaxation has been relegated to the bottom of the pile of the things we need to do.

Get Away From It All at Escape Ritual Bali

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Tranquillity, peace and happiness. Isn’t that what we are all striving for? With our busy hectic modern lives, these precious states of well-being are often overlooked.  But they needn’t be. With some deliberate focus and action, they can be achieved on a daily basis. And to kick-start your plans to incorporate them into your daily life, look no further than seven days and six nights away from the world as you know it, and head to the epitome of health through Escape Ritual, Bali. 

Taking Time Out Relaxing At Four Seasons Hampshire Spa

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Some do it in the name for luxury while others do it for relieving stress. Whatever your reasons, taking time out to relax should be at the top of your priority not bottom. The demands of modern-day living can be overwhelming, leaving many people feeling they have no time to themselves. But here at Luxurious Magazine, we believe in a balanced lifestyle and search high and low for some of the best ways and places to relax. Senior reporter Sabi Phagura did just that and discovered the spa at Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire.

The gift of luxury to your body at Longevity Cegonha Country Club, Portugal

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When most people think of Vilamoura, Portugal, they picture golf courses, a popular marina and a plethora of beaches. And while this isn’t wrong (the area boasts five world-renowned golf courses, a marina that has won several awards and some of the finest beaches in Europe), it’s home to a charming hotel with spa and wellness activities that compliments the Vilamoura lifestyle. Always ones to champion wellness, I went along to Longevity Cegonha Country Club, where she learned the word ‘luxury’ belongs less to material things, but more to your mind, body and spirit. 

The Ultimate In Exclusive Luxury at Ushvani Day Spa

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The Grade II listed townhouse could literally be any building. A private dwelling or an office space perhaps. It’s only a tiny gold plaque on the wall that gives away its secret. For behind the Edwardian door of this abode is the home of Ushavani – a luxurious day spa that offers Malaysian treatments in a tranquil and private environment. From  the moment you walk in, you know you’re in the lap of exclusive luxury.