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Getting into the mindset of Online PT GymWolf

Written by Sabi Phagura on . Posted in Fitness


For the most of us, eating well and exercising seems like a big chore. Despite our best intentions, curling up on the sofa and digging into a family-size bag of crisps binge-watching mindless TV seems a lot more appealing than dragging ourselves to the gym. So how do personal trainers get the motivation to exercise and eat healthy day in and day out? I caught up with online PT Ian Worthington, aka the GymWolfPT, to give me an insight into his mindset and some words of motivation to get people moving. 

Get a little Choosey With Your Cards

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When I was younger, I used to love giving and receiving Christmas cards. I’ve always seen them as a personal way of expressing yourself. But have you noticed in recent years, people are skimping on them and sending e-cards instead?  And while I love an interactive card popping up on my screen to see how the picture develops, I still want the tangible card in my hand. And now Choosey have launched just a card to kick the humble card into the 21st Century. It’s time to leave the traditional card on the shelf.