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4 Tips to sticking to your fitness goals in the heatwave

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We may have had a bit of unsettled weather this weekend, but the heatwave is coming back this week. I know it can be hard to stick to your fitness goals because of the hot weather but there are ways around it so you don’t have to forgo your health. Below are some tips on how to keep your fitness regime on track during the unusually hot British summer. 

Staying hydrated with Vit Stix

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Despite our best intentions (mine included), we don’t always get the right nutrients and vitamins into our bodies. With my jet setting lifestyle combined with all the exercise I cram into my daily life, it’s even harder. And since I’ve included Bikram Yoga in my life again, I’m a little more conscious of re-hydrating properly. Buying bottles of water with minerals can be costly so when I stumbled across Vit Stix, I thought it was worth a punt. 

Food Prep Got Easier With Box Appetit Lunch Box

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I’ve been a big fan of food prep long before it became fashionable. You see, growing up in a Sikh household, it wasn’t customary to eat out. When we went out we would often pack our lunches for the seaside or day out or alternatively travel to friends and relative’s houses’ and be served home cooked food. For school, I always took my own lunches. So, when I got older, I didn’t really fancy going to fast food chains as my pallet wasn’t used to it. And I certainly didn’t like the fact I was clueless as to what was in my food.

Food Prep Just Got Easier With 4-in-1 Hand Mixer

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Now, I don’t know about you but I don’t like clutter especially in the kitchen. In fact even if I didn’t mind it, I couldn’t afford to because my kitchen is so tiny I can hardly pop tea and coffee caddies on the worktop without it looking overcrowded. So I like to get kitchen gadgets which I will a) use, b) won’t take too much space and c) will make my life as an aspiring cook easier. And thus my eye fell on Lidl’s multi functional Hand Mixer.

Seven Health benefits of Tea

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Us Brits know that a cup of tea can solve pretty much all of our problems. And who can pass on a good afternoon tea? But the benefits of tea go far beyond refreshment and there is ample research showing that drinking tea can improve your health on a number of levels. In fact just the simple act of sipping it helps you to keep on top of your H2O needs.