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It’s Global Running Day – What Happens To Your Body When You Run?

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With gyms closed and fitness classes cancelled, many people are choosing to use the government’s unlimited exercise time to spend exercising outdoors. Perhaps you have been walking, or cycling or even started to run or jog to mix things up. This is great in helping you stay active and healthy during the lockdown as well as get a good dose of vitamin D. But what happens to the body after your session? A number of things can happen to the body during and after running and it’s good to understand how it all works.  

Five Of The Best Foods To Eat For A Sound Mind

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Today is World Mental Health Day and I’m so glad that a day has been set aside for this. Mental Health affects so many people and we should not forget them for the rest of the year. Mental illness like so many of you out there is close to my heart because my oldest sister suffers from it. It’s hard for us, but harder for her. Growing up with her, made me very aware of mental health. In fact, I read up lots on it and it’s how I became a fitness instructor and started to focus on improving my general health. Mind, body and spirit all come hand in hand.

4 Home Workout Mistakes You Need To Avoid

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Home workouts can be more convenient than the gym, not to mention you don’t have to schedule for travel time. But is it really the best way for you to get in shape? Below are some of the most popular mistakes that usually ruin your “at home” efforts, so check them out and decide if it’s the best choice for you.