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Staying hydrated with Vit Stix

Written by Sabi Phagura on . Posted in Health


Despite our best intentions (mine included), we don’t always get the right nutrients and vitamins into our bodies. With my jet setting lifestyle combined with all the exercise I cram into my daily life, it’s even harder. And since I’ve included Bikram Yoga in my life again, I’m a little more conscious of re-hydrating properly. Buying bottles of water with minerals can be costly so when I stumbled across Vit Stix, I thought it was worth a punt. 

The totally multi-functional Fact + Fiction bag

Written by Sabi Phagura on . Posted in Lifestyle and Beauty


As a travel writer, avid gym goer and laptop lugger, you can just imagine my life resembling that of Buckaroo (remember that game?!). Always carrying so many different bags, I’ve never quite managed to find one that does it all, so my search for such a bag is forever ongoing. In pure dedicated search mode, I recently stumbled across Fact + Fiction on my twitter feed. I took one look at a picture which showed a compartment for trainers, laptop, passport and other bits and bobs and I was intrigued.