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Bottomless Brunch at The Oxbo Hilton Bankside: The treat for every weekend

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The brunch movement is continuing to take steam and has no intention of stopping. Each week there is a new establishment offering one as part of their menu choices. As an experienced ‘bruncher’ Sabi Phagura has spent hours whiling away weekends over bottomless Prosecco and knows exactly what to expect. But even she was amazed at the array of food Hilton London Bankside have laid on as part of their bottomless brunch menu at their stylish OXBO restaurant. 

Liquid Brunch on Saturday’s the Mal Way

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Forget lie-ins – your Saturday’s are going to get busy from now on. Malmaison, in Reading, Berkshire has just launched their Bottomless Saturday Brunch. For two full hours you can swig unlimited prosecco or Heineken while you sit back and relax in the cosy lounge. And there is plenty of brunch plates to choose from to soak up that booze. There is everything from sweet to savoury and big and small dishes to satisfy any appetite. 

5 Protein sources suitable for vegetarians

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As a body building enthusiast, I am a big fan of eating protein because it’s a vital nutrient for our bodies. It all also helps keep you fuller for longer. But most people mistakenly think you can only get protein from meat. Luckily for vegetarians, burgers and steaks aren’t your only options. So, if you’re a vegetarian, or just fancy a break from meat, read on to discover some great non-protein sources to fuel your body. 

Healthy snacks for those autumnal walks

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Autumn is that time of year that screams to be embraced with a run, jog or brisk walk in the fresh air amidst the colourful fallen trees. And if you’re anything like me, a short walk can often turn into a good few hours which means refuelling en route. But whether you are planning a short or longer walk, it pays to have an energy-boosting snack with you. That way you will not undo all that hard work the moment you return home and find yourself raiding the fridge. Getting the right nutrition inside you, means you will be able to perform at your optimum fitness levels. Here are my five go-to fuels that will keep me on track while I enjoy the great outdoors.

Five high protein snacks for on the go

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From time-to-time we all need a snack for those in-between meal munchies. Rather than reach for junk in the form of crisps, chocolate, cookies and the like, I try to keep high protein snacks to hand whether they be it in my fridge, my car or my handbag. This not only helps me keep on track but also fills me up for longer and get in my daily dose of protein. Here are my top five protein snacks for any time of the day.