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So, You’re Vegan, But is Your Make-up?

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Happy World Vegan Day! I’m not a vegan myself but used to be a vegetarian for 14 and a half years. Even now, I mostly eat chicken and fish but regularly enjoy meat-free days. I do however have a handful of vegan friends who are totally committed to the cause. But when I quizzed them on their make-up, they hadn’t really thought about it. Some people’s idea of veganism only extends to food which isn’t bad but there is so much else you can do to live a pure vegan lifestyle. Make-up is one of them. With World Vegan day upon us, I started to delve a little further into this lifestyle and stumbled across Emani Vegan Cosmetics. Born in California and established in the USA for over 20 years, Emani Vegan Cosmetics, founded by Michelle Doan, has only just launched in the UK. 

Odylique Superfruit Concentrate

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I’ve been familiar with organic skincare brand Odylique by Essential Care for a while now but it was only recently I tried their Odylique Superfruit Concentrate. The first thing that struck me about this oil was its colour. It was like being tangoed! Certified organic by Soil Association, this oil contains 100 organic ingredients – just the way I like my products. Cold-pressed avocado oil, and concentrated extracts of granate, rosemary, sea buckthorn fruit and rosehip are the main ingredients which make up the concoction.

Stay Youthful with Moringa Oil

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Every now and then you hear of a new product that claims to be the best natural anti-ageing cream or oil out there. But take one look at the list of the ingredients and well they will sound far from natural. Plus you never know how ethical the products actually are. I still prefer to use products on my face and body that I can eat too. That’s when I know they really are natural and worth investing in.

Baby Soft Feet With Footner Exfoliating Socks

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I do a lot of walking and hiking so I have to pay attention to my feet. Like most, I can get hard skin on the heels and the side of my big toes. A decent foot file works but I just have to redo them regularly. So I jumped at the chance to try something different. I was introduced to the  mighty Footner Exfoliating socks. And I can honestly say I am delighted with my baby soft feet for the first in adult life!

It Is Time To Relax At The Malvern Spa

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There is quiet and then there is tranquillity. Step inside the quiet room at The Malvern Spa and you will be transcended into a sense of calmness and peacefulness like none other. This is because Great Malvern originated as a spa town with therapeutic qualities attributed to its springs. Now those 200 years of spa heritage have been brought back to life again on the outskirts of this town with the birth of this spa.  Views make a great first impression of a place and as our train pulled into the area, we could see the marvelous Malvern Hills undulating in the background.