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Despite our best intentions (mine included), we don’t always get the right nutrients and vitamins into our bodies. With my jet setting lifestyle combined with all the exercise I cram into my daily life, it’s even harder. And since I’ve included Bikram Yoga in my life again, I’m a little more conscious of re-hydrating properly. Buying bottles of water with minerals can be costly so when I stumbled across Vit Stix, I thought it was worth a punt. 

Vit Stix is essentially a healthy drink with no artificial colours or flavours. It has no added sugar and is not laden with aspartame, yet contains less than seven calories. They come in a liquid form in slim sachets ready to be mixed with 500ml of water. To be honest I wasn’t expecting it to taste nice at all. I’ve tasted lots of similar stuff, especially those tablets that fizz in water which let’s be fair can taste rank and a little chalky. But the tropical flavour Vit Stix is seriously good. In fact, I would liken it to squash mixed with water. 


These new Vit Stix, are the brainchild of Tom and Julia, who successfully launched Squash Stix. After seeing a gap in the market, when their hectic social and work life left them devoid of the right vitamins as well as a little more than a tad dehydrated, they launched these Vit Stix sachets. Regular intake of the unique blend is said to enhance work, sport and your day-to-day life. The main vitamins are vitamin C, zinc gluconate, pantothenic acid, beta carotene, vitamin B6, vitamin D, and vitamin B12. I’ve been taking them for a couple of weeks now and have certainly noticed the difference in my energy levels. I take them either before or after the gym. I’ve also been glugging the concoction after Bikram Yoga.


Being green and environmental friendly, the single portion sachets mean I don’t have to buy ready mixed vitamin water in plastic bottles. And on a cost front, you’re saving lots of money because there is no need to buy those expensive bottles. They are also space savers as the sachets are so small, I can throw a few in my travel bag or sports bag and just refill my water bottle when on the go. They are also vegetarian and gluten free. 

Where and how? 

Vit Stix can be bought from a number of outlets including shopping markets, vending machines and sports places and gym clubs.  A box of ten sachets cost £3.99 but bundles can work out cheaper. For more information on Vit Stix click here. 

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