Releasing My Inner Showgirl in Burlexercise

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The best thing a woman can wear is her confidence. I’m a firm believer of this and it’s one of the reasons I started to work out and got into fitness. I wanted to feel better about my body and fitness together with eating healthy really helped me. But there is one exercise than can make you directly feel confident and sexy. The fun burlesque inspired fitness class, burlexercise.

After years of telling myself I’ll eventually go along to one, I bit the bullet and rocked up at the Pilates Body Shape studio in Ealing, West London for my first ever class with instructor Ceza. Now I have been to many a new class and instructors can be hit and miss but luckily Ceza was super welcoming and made me feel at ease immediately. The rest of the class was a combination of newbies and regulars so I didn’t stand out.

After a brief warm up using cardio moves I’m familiar with such as stretching , gentle knee lifts and squats with an added sass to them we got right into the groove. Following Ceza’s instructions we were exposed to dance principles ranging from jazz, latin, ballet and even Pilates. Who knew you could make basic walks, struts, kicks, swirls, twirls and turns look super sexified? Clealry Ceza performed them looking like the delicate flower she is but the rest of us? Well we tried! But we had several giggles and proper LOL moments along the way as we styled it out. I mean I challenge you to do the grapevine with a pointy dainty toe at the end without feeling like a joker!


The second half of the class was strength training. Now I love weights but I have never lifted them with a feather boa attached to them. But shoulder presses, triceps dips and lateral raise I did with some sassiness I never knew I had. Bizarrely the longer the class went along, the more confident I became – and that was just in my first lesson. By the time Filthy Gorgeous by Scissor Sisters started to play at the end of the hour, I felt like the ultimate showgirl inside me had been released! My finishing pose with my derriere sticking out, feather boa draped around my neck and one arm up in the air in triumph, was something to be reckoned.

What’s even more brilliant is that it didn’t feel like exercise. Despite the sweating, puffing and panting I felt energised with a sense of accomplishment. I can really see how such a class, if done on a regular basis, could make any woman feel sexy, confident and beautiful despite her size. Burlesque is an art and burlexercise brings out the artist in you.

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