How to achieve Calm during Covid-19 Lockdown


There’s no doubting it the world collectively is facing some difficult times right now and for the foreseeable future. Stress and anxiety levels are going up and self-isolation and social distancing aren’t helping matters either. And if looking after yourself has ever been crucial, then it is right now. We at Luxurious Magazine truly believe that alongside cleansing your home, cleansing your mind should take priority. So, we have been looking at a simple way of turning your home space into a sanctuary. Candles.  

No matter how small your home, you can create a zen station for yourself where you can go and retreat and relax. This can be a spare room, bedroom, bathroom, hallway – you choose. There are no hard and fast rules so find a place that works for you.  


Candles are scientifically proven to calm and soothe us. It’s something about the glowing light and the sound of the flicker that helps us to relax. Add some good quality scent to them, and you’re on your way to elevating your mood. Some scents like lavender are renowned for their health and well-being benefits. Often used in aromatherapy, the fragrance from the plants’ oils is believed to promote calmness. Add to that the bonus of it reducing stress and anxiety, and it’s the perfect fragrance to have around the house during the lockdown.  

But different scents will have different effects on the senses and there are plenty of candles out there to choose from. Forever in search of the latest product, Luxurious Magazine stumbled across the recently launched ESPA’s new Home Fragrance Collection. 


The new Monogram brand is the company’s stamp to mark the beginning of a new era for ESPA. As part of the launch, ESPA has introduced a luxurious colour palette and increased fragrance levels to maximise the power scent has on the mind, body and soul. The new candles are formulated from 100 per cent natural wax blend with soy, rapeseed and beeswax which allows for cleaner burning and a more concentrated aromatic experience. We can vouch the combination of the scent and sound of the candle is a real treat for the senses.  

There are four scents to choose from in the new range – Soothing, Energising, Restorative and Positivity – all with their blend of scents. each 200g candle giving a burning time of 40 hours, there’s ample of calmness and downtime to be enjoyed. Oh, and there’s more good news. The ESPA Diffuser available in the same scents is going to be launched next week. A decadent addition to any home, the diffuser will work without any effort on your part dispersing scent throughout the day. Staying calm and relaxed has just got a tad easier.  


Where and how?  

The ESPA Candle costs £35 and has a burn time of 40 hours. The 200g candle is available in four fragrances – Positivity, Soothing, Energising, Restorative. The ESPA Diffuser is out on April 9th and will cost £45 for 200ml. It’s available in the same fragrances as above. For more information visit  

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