Hayfever Sufferer? Prepare Yourself For The Big Sneeze

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Summer equals suffering for many hayfever sufferers. And it’s no wonder why when statistics show that UK has one of the highest rates of hay fever in Europe. Hay fever is an allergic reaction to pollen particles released from trees, weeds or grasses throughout the Spring, Summer and Autumn. When these particles enter the nose, throat or eyes the cells lining these body parts release histamine to expel these foreign bodies, which cause the hay fever symptoms and is why we take anti-histamines to try to prevent hay fever.

Symptoms can vary from person to person but may include runny nose,
red, itchy and runny eyes, headaches, sore throat, wheezing, coughing, difficulty
sleeping and fatigue. A study by the National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit at the University of Worcester’s estimated that hay fever may cost the UK economy as much as £7.1 billion in lost productivity.

Whilst 95% of hay fever caused by grass pollen the remainder is down to weeds and grasses. If someone suffers from hay fever at a seemingly unconventional time, this is the explanation. So yes, those reporting hay fever symptoms during these snow flurries and Siberian winds do probably have hay fever rather than a cold or virus.

Prevention and preparation count for a lot. One of the best ways to help minimise the effects of hay fever and allergies is to make sure your immune system is in top working order. Eating healthily and supplementing your diet with nutrients that boost the bodies natural defences helps minimise symptoms. BEE Prepared immune support is ideal not only for helping boost immunity but it’s ingredients are bursting with natural antihistamine properties. Elderberry, for instance, is loaded with quercetin, a top natural remedy
 for hay fever.

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