Happy International Day of Yoga 2020!

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I swear International Day of Yoga 2020 could not have been better timed this year. In the face of this global pandemic, it’s never been more important to look after our physical and mental well-being. Weeks of lockdown have had us all turned to ways to keep our mood lifted and for many of us, yoga has been a saviour. 

I too am one of those people. I swear it has kept my depression and anxiety at bay during these trying times. To be honest, I have leaned on yoga for many years now before Covid-19 reared its ugly head. I used to think it was just a wishy-washy set of sequences which didn’t really contribute to my wellbeing. But I was so wrong. There are various yoga styles across the globe, but all of them are based on combining different physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation.  

And I am so glad I have. It has not just helped me mentally but has helped me achieve my physical goals of weight lifting, running, cycling and many other forms of exercise I engage. 

So today, to celebrate International Day of Yoga, I have put together my top reasons why yoga is good for you. The best thing is that it is suitable for everyone, you don’t need any fancy equipment just a mat and you can do it from the comfort of your home. All you need is enough space for a mat. Yet this 5,000-year-old type of exercise originating from India will help engage both body and mind and will reap benefits.  

Yoga helps with anxiety 

Yoga has become a widely known method of relaxation. Asana (postures) consisting of stretching, lengthening, and muscle balancing, work towards relieving the physical discomforts induced by anxiety. 

Improves quality of life 

Yoga has undoubtedly increasingly become increasingly as an adjunct therapy to improving quality of life for many individuals. Practising yoga significantly improves the quality of life, as well as lift the mood and fatigue. 

Helps fight depression  

Some studies show that yoga may have an anti-depressant effect and could help decrease symptoms of depression. This may be because yoga is able to decrease levels of cortisol, the stress hormone that influences levels of serotonin, the neurotransmitter often associated with depression. 

Could promote better sleep 

Poor sleep quality has been linked with obesity, high blood pressure and depression, among other disorders. Incorporating regular yoga practice into your routine can help promote better sleep. 

Improves flexibility and balance  

Many people add yoga to their fitness routine to improve flexibility and balance. I have definitely felt this in my own practice and have found it compliments my weight lifting and hiking. Through the use of specific poses, I’ve targeted my flexibility and balance which in turn has optimised my performance.  

Could Help Improve Breathing 

Pranayama, or yogic breathing, is a practice that focuses on controlling the breath through breathing exercises and techniques. Most types of yoga incorporate these breathing exercises, and several studies have found that practicing yoga could help improve breathing. It helps keep my own asthma at bay. 

Promotes Healthy Eating Habits 

Mindful eating is a concept that encourages being present in the moment while eating. It’s about paying attention to the taste, smell and texture of your food and noticing any thoughts, feelings or sensations you experience while eating.  

Can Increase Strength 

In addition to improving flexibility, yoga is a great addition to an exercise routine for its strength-building benefits. There are specific poses in yoga that are designed to increase strength and build muscle. 

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