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For the most of us, eating well and exercising seems like a big chore. Despite our best intentions, curling up on the sofa and digging into a family-size bag of crisps binge-watching mindless TV seems a lot more appealing than dragging ourselves to the gym. So how do personal trainers get the motivation to exercise and eat healthy day in and day out? I caught up with online PT Ian Worthington, aka the GymWolfPT, to give me an insight into his mindset and some words of motivation to get people moving. 

 Fitlass: Ian, it’s a pleasure to speak to you. Tell us how did you first become involved in fitness? 

GymWolfPT:  Thank you Sabi, it’s all my pleasure. How did I become involved in fitness? That’s a great question. I would class myself as being into fitness for over 25 years, as I started training at 16 years of age. However, whilst I may have been into fitness for that length of time, I now realise that fitness wasn’t into me back then! By that I mean I was working out and eating what I considered as ‘good’, but I didn’t have a plan, I didn’t have goals and I changed my workouts at the flick of a magazine page! That all changed around 3 years ago. I got myself some big goals, put a structured plan together and went all out to change my physique, my lifestyle and how I ultimately felt about myself. I began to follow workouts to the letter, I pushed myself to new levels, I ate a healthy but exciting set of foods, I changed my mindset and I sought help/advice as and when I needed it. The result? It worked, I transformed my physique, and the strange thing I found was that I enjoyed this fitness lifestyle. I went from seeing training as a chore, to being excited about training. I looked forward to getting up at 5.30am to train, to push out 12 final reps when I thought I could only manage 10 and to training at a higher level than I ever dreamed possible. 


F: When did you decide to start helping others? 

G: As I trained, I began to realise that the things that have worked for me will work for other people. They may not have the same goals or desires as me, but the method is still the same. I relished the idea of teaching and passing on my knowledge in the area of my expertise. I firmly believe that to be an expert in anything you have to have some failures along the way. These failures are the valuable lessons that build experience. It was around this time GymWolfPT was formed – not physically but in my mind. I followed that up by getting officially qualified as a Level 3 Personal Trainer. I spent my spare time studying nutrition and training methods in depth as well as improving my business acronym. The rest is history! 

F: What was your fitness routine like when you first started out? 

G: As stated above I’ve exercised since an early age. First playing and competing at football/tennis/athletics, then at around 16 years of age I began gym training. But through my teens, 20s and into my 30s I wasn’t really seeing the results I desired. I was in decent shape, but too much partying and a dodgy diet meant I never saw the full benefits of the effort I was putting in. I was probably putting as much time into my training as I do now, but it wasn’t focused effort. I knew where I wanted to get to, but didn’t have a clear route on how to get there. 


F: How has your fitness outlook changed after you turned 40? 

Approaching 40, married with 2 kids (now 3) and a high-pressured job, I decided it was time for a change. In the past 18 months I’ve blasted it, in both the gym and the kitchen, to turn my physique, attitude and energy levels around, and become a qualified personal trainer along the way. I look back at how I trained and ate when I was younger and wish someone with the knowledge and passion for fitness I have now had invited me into their pack and shown me where I was going wrong. 

F: Why is it so important to keep fit after 40? 

G: Getting in shape is not the solution to all of life’s problems – I’ve never proclaimed that it is. However, it’s a hell of a good starting place – whatever your age! Those who think they haven’t got the time or money to keep fit and healthy, will sooner or later realise they have to find the time and money for illness! As you get older you may think that the window of opportunity to be in good shape has disappeared, but that’s not the case. However, I understand that for many people being bossed by a 20-something PT with no understanding of real life can quickly get demotivating. Whether you’re looking to achieve a total transformation or just lose a few pounds, I’m the online PT to help you do it.  


F: Tell us a bit about your online training program? 

G: I make working with a personal trainer fun, easy and affordable. I’ll build your online transformation program based on your goals, available time and workout environment. You’ll be able to access your transformation program in the gym, at home or on the road, straight from your mobile device. I combine my trainer experience and motivation with the latest technology to deliver a proven method that provides the results my clients want. They also get 24/7 contact with myself, the coach, via the in-app messenger. 

F: Why should people choose GymWolfPT? 

G: Look, if you’re anything like most of my clients used to be you’re:  

  • Tired of having to wear ‘XL sized’ clothes because you can’t fit in to anything else. 
  • Sick of feeling self-conscious and embarrassed about your body. 
  • Frustrated with diets and ‘fads’ that deprive you and just don’t work. 
  • Have tried various programs before and they just haven’t worked out for you. 

Now I’m making it my mission to do just that for anyone who is genuinely committed to changing their lives. I’m truly passionate about helping you to improve your fitness, nutrition, physique and energy levels. If I can do it as a 40-year-old dad with a demanding job, then I strongly believe everyone with the desire and commitment can make a similar journey.  


F: Why do you think people find it hard to commit to exercise and follow a healthy diet plan? 

G: It’s all to do with how people prioritise and view fitness. If you view health, fitness and eating well as a chore, then it doesn’t motivate. With that mindset, it’s easy to find excuses. You know the ones; “I don’t have time”, “I’m not built to exercise”, “I would eat healthy but healthy food is so expensive”, “I would train but I can’t afford to train”….and so on! The human mind is an amazing thing – whatever you focus on you will more often than not achieve. The key is to focus on solutions rather than excuses.  

F: What can we expect from a typical training program? 

G: Whilst all my training plans are tailored directly around the individual’s requirements, each program will include: 

  • A progressive program that works around your schedule and environment, and is generated to meet your goals. 
  • Easy to follow workout sessions featuring multi angle demonstration videos and instructions. These can be accessed as you train via the GymWolfPT app or on the website. 
  • Direct in-app messenger contact with me, the coach. 
  • Review of nutrition habits and sustainable advice/tips on how to improve your diet. 
  • Habit change training provided by Exceed Nutrition. 
  • Regular motivational messages and full support. 
  • Membership to my private Facebook group. 


F: Do you train both men and women? 

G: Yes, my client base is fairly evenly split between males and females at present. 

F: What kind of results can your clients expect? 

G: My online personal training is tailored specifically around the goals of the individual. This is their program, and I aim to deliver the results they require. I’m not one of these PT’s who assumes I know what each person wants. I initially have my clients complete a detailed Lifestyle Questionnaire. This, along with any follow up questions, allows me to produce a version one plan. However, the plans are subject to continuous change throughout as I am constantly reviewing the clients’ data and feedback to ensure they are on course to achieve their goal(s). 


F: Do you also offer nutritional advice? 

G: I certainly do. Whilst I may on occasion offer example set meal plans, I try and avoid these. My usual method is to have client’s complete food diaries where they record everything they eat and drink over a set period. I then analyse this information on a regular basis and provide alternative suggestions on how certain meals and foods can be improved, eliminated or changed. I also provide healthy recipe packs, I am on hand to answer any specific nutrition questions and provide habit change training. 


F: How much does a training session cost? 

G: My top-the-range online personal training is advertised at £70 per month on my website here. However, for the readers of the superb Fitlass blog I am offering my training at the discounted rate of £50 per month! To take advantage of this great offer please message me at and quote ‘FITLASS OFFER in the email subject 

F: Where can people go to find out more information and enroll on a PT course with you? 

G:  They can visit my website here or alternatively send me an email at  




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I am a freelance journalist and lifestyle blogger. I travel the world covering travel, destinations, hotel, spas and bar reviews and love fitness. This blog illustrates how you can lead a healthy lifestyle, travel the world and still have a life! I am also a qualified fitness instructor, Punjabi-Hindi interpreter and a champagne and rum enthusiast.

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