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As a health conscious travel writer, I often go into restaurants and demand the healthiest thing on the menu. More often than not I get the chef to make me something that’s not even on the menu. So you can imagine my delight upon hearing that a new restaurant was open which offered body sculpting individuals like me an extensive all healthy menu. What, being able to choose whatever I want without worrying about whether it’s healthy or not? Get in! I couldn’t jump on the tube quick enough.

Gym’s Kitchen is the first restaurant of a kind in the UK that offers diners breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, snacks, smoothies and protein shakes that won’t derail you from your healthy eating plans. That’s because the menu has been put together with the health conscious in mind. So whether you’re on a calorie controlled diet, in the cutting and bulking stage of your diet for any forthcoming competition or just like to eat clean, then this is the food mecca for you. All the dishes are broken down into macros and calories so you can see exactly what you are putting in your body.

There are two such restaurants, one in Gants Hill in Essex and the other in Leyton which is the one I went along to. From the outside it looked like any other cafe/bistro style joint but the moment you walk in, you know you’re in a special place. From healthy offerings displayed in the glass counter to the positive affirmations on the walls this place means business. ‘Eat clean, train dirty,’ screams one sign. I almost feel I’m in the gym!

But one look at the menu and I realise the only muscle I need to work is my brain. Deciding on what to eat has never been so hard. Do I go for a protein shake, a main, and a dessert or shall I go for a starter, main and dessert and a snack or two? It’s like being a kid in a sweet shop!

Eventually after much pondering I decided to go for the homemade hummus with crudités, some spicy nuts, (a girl can’t get enough nuts!), and grilled sea bass for my main. And if my eyes were bigger than my belly before the food arrived, they were dilated when it did. The portions are huge! The fish marinated with fresh oriental spices and wrapped in a bamboo leaf was beautifully laid out on what I would call a platter rather than a plate. I also had none less than six sauces to accompany it which came in small pots. The two different chilli strength ones were devoured in no time and I actually asked for more.

Normally I would skip dessert but the blueberry protein pancake with peanut butter sauce clearly had my name on it. One word – scrumptious! I could happily have it for breakfast everyday, no lie. I was right to have half my main packed to devour this.

Gym’s Kitchen doesn’t stop at prepping food, they can also help put together a diet plan for your needs. It also has merchandise to sell such as branded t-shirts and shorts to keep you motivated. So yes Gym’s Kitchen totally lived up to my expectations and beyond. Would I go back again? Try keeping me away! You’re probably thinking there must be something to gripe about? Any bones to pick? Well ok there was some. The ones in my sea bass!

For more information on Gym’s Kitchen visit www.gymskitchen.com

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