Five Of The Best Foods To Eat For A Sound Mind

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Today is World Mental Health Day and I’m so glad that a day has been set aside for this. Mental Health affects so many people and we should not forget them for the rest of the year. Mental illness like so many of you out there is close to my heart because my oldest sister suffers from it. It’s hard for us, but harder for her. Growing up with her, made me very aware of mental health. In fact, I read up lots on it and it’s how I became a fitness instructor and started to focus on improving my general health. Mind, body and spirit all come hand in hand.

One of the first places I started was with my diet. What we eat is an extremely important prerequisite for good mental health because what we put in our mouth affects us both physically and mentally. People who include loads of junk food in their diet tend to have poorer mental health as compared to the ones who follow a healthy and balanced diet. So today on World Mental Health Day 2018, I wanted to talk about foods that which can help you have a healthy mind and facilitate better mental health. Here’s my list of six of the best foods you can eat to improve your mental state. 



Bananas are great for a healthy mind and can enhance your mood. The reason behind it is that this fruit affects tryptophan – an amino acid which helps in production of serotonin. Tryptophan also helps in improving sleep and regulates intake of food. Potassium-rich bananas also contain good amount of Vitamin B-6 and fibre. 

Sweet Potatoes  

Sweet potatoes have become extremely popular in recent years and for good reason. They are widely popular because of their beta-carotene antioxidant content. Sweet potatoes can reduce damage to brain cells and as a result are good for a healthy mind. Beta-carotene is an antioxidant which also helps in reducing oxidative stress on DNA – thus reducing risks of diseases like depression, anxiety and schizophrenia. 



 Salmon is full of Omega 3 fatty acid which is great for a healthy mind. It contains anti-inflammatory healthy fats which are very important for the brain’s cell membrane. Try to include at least two serving in your diet each week. 


Now this is a spice I’m totally familiar with – I grew up eating curry! Turmeric is the wonder spice which has gained widespread popularity because of curcumin. Curcumin is a compound in turmeric which can help in improving memory, ease depression and facilitate growth of new brain cells. 


The future for the brain is bright with vitamin C rich oranges. Vitamin C is a key nutrient which helps in preventing mental decline. Eating Vitamin C-rich foods regularly can help in preventing Alzheimer’s disease as well. Other foods rich in Vitamin C include kiwi, tomatoes, strawberries and bell peppers. Include them in your diet daily. 

Always you remember you are not alone when dealing with mental health issues and there is lots of help out there. Stay blessed and remember you are loved and matter.

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