Five high protein snacks for on the go

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From time-to-time we all need a snack for those in-between meal munchies. Rather than reach for junk in the form of crisps, chocolate, cookies and the like, I try to keep high protein snacks to hand whether they be it in my fridge, my car or my handbag. This not only helps me keep on track but also fills me up for longer and get in my daily dose of protein. Here are my top five protein snacks for any time of the day.


I love eggs as they can be eaten as part of every meal as well as a snack. Hard boiled eggs are great to transport with you too for when hunger strikes.


Chicken is another popular choice of mine for when on the go. I tend to cook extra to keep in the fridge so I can rustle up a quick salad or use it as my rice cake topping for an easy snack.



Cheese may be high in fat but in small quantities it’s good for you. Plus the high fat content will keep you satiated for longer, I’m currently addicted to spicy chilli slices which I get from Aldi. They are portioned out for me so I know I’m not overdoing it.


Full fat Greek yogurt is great on it’s own or with a dollop of honey in it. So if I am craving something sweet. this is exactly what I opt for. The creaminess of the yogurt makes it very dessert like.

Protein Bars

There are so many bars out there that are full of sugar so I always look out for those with a higher protein content and low in carbs. I normally aim for around 5g of carbs per bar. Quest bars top the list for me and they come in a range of flavours. I’m, still undecided which one I like the best – they are all seriously good!

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