Exercising V Training

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When you go to the gym do you move, exercise or train? What’s the difference you may ask yourself. In two words – a lot. The difference is even bigger when you actually want to see results.



Most people who have taken up ‘exercise’ in a bid to shift some unwanted pounds will argue within weeks that they aren’t seeing results. They’ll claim that they are running, jogging, cycling, swimming yet nothing is happening on the scales. Others may even say that their job is physically demanding and they ‘run around’ all day and yet they still remain fat. But could it be that they are just going through the motions of exercising?

Physical activity can be broken down into 3 categories: movement, exercise and training. And once you know the difference you’ll understand what you need to do to really get that weight shifting once and for all.

Movement – This is the starting point for good health. It’s the next step up from being sedentary and getting off the coach. It’s the to walk , taking a trip to the local shops, going shopping with heavy bags and gardening type of movement we are talking about. It’s the first step to getting fit and shouldn’t be knocked but it’s not enough to burn some serious calories.

Exercise – This is movement without a real purpose or motion without direction. Don’t get me wrong – anything that gets the body moving and raises the heart rate is a good thing. It’s about improving your general overall fitness, getting stronger, and about being active. It’s great but it doesn’t have specific long term goals.

Training – This is where you have a specific goal like wanting to squat double your own body weight or run a 10k in 40 minutes. Training is a mindset and those focused on training will embark on training programs to achieve that goal.

So the next time you think you’re not getting anywhere with your fitness goals, ask yourself, ‘Am I moving, exercising or training?’ If you are serious about transforming your body and life, and want to make your gym time more efficient, it may be time to up the game and start training!

Sabi Phagura

I am a freelance journalist and lifestyle blogger. I travel the world covering travel, destinations, hotel, spas and bar reviews and love fitness. This blog illustrates how you can lead a healthy lifestyle, travel the world and still have a life! I am also a qualified fitness instructor, Punjabi-Hindi interpreter and a champagne and rum enthusiast.