Do You Struggle With Your Portion Control?

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When I first stumbled across portion control for food, I was shocked. I used to fill an entire bowl to the brim with cereal thinking that was the right amount of food. Why else was the bowl that big, right? But when I followed a diet and I was requested to measure out 30g, I couldn’t believe the measly portion. So it doesn’t surprise me now that so many people still have no idea what portion control is. Even when you eat the right foods, eating the right amount of them is crucial to weight loss or maintaining weight.

But no one wants to whip out their kitchen scales each time they eat or indeed count calories. It’s time consuming, tedious and can take the joy out of eating. But a new piece of kit soon to be out on the market can make a real difference to losing weight if you have struggled shedding the pounds for years. The Mealkitt is a simple (for me this is key) kitchen gadget that is designed specifically to help individuals reach their weight management goals.

It’s inspired by early methods of portion control and based on NHS guidelines and can save you a huge amount of time when it comes to planning and prepping your food. And we have all heard of the phrase ‘fail to plan, plan to fail.’ I went along to a demonstration this week to find out exactly how it works.


The kit is divided into six compartments, designed for each of the main food groups – proteins, liquid proteins, fats, carbs, oils, dried gains, pulses and oats. Visually it helps you differentiate between food groups, the portion size they should be all while the daily calories intake have been worked out for you. Each section features guided markers representing a different dietary goal like losing, maintaining or even gaining weight. The Mealkitt reflects the daily recommended calorie guidelines for both men and women.

What I like about this kit is that once you start using it, you get a real sense of what portion sizes look like visually. This will help immensely when eating out whether at a restaurant or a friends houses. It’s about re-educating ourselves on how much we are supposed to be eating. There are lots of foods like vegetables, herbs and spices that are added to meal times so you will not feel hungry and you’ll be getting your daily – which is now 10 fruits and vegetables a day.


Individuals can get further support through meal plans and recipes to use alongside their Mealkitt. They’ve been put together by nutritional therapist Jackie Lynch. A dedicated Mealkitt YouTube channel also advises on exercises because as we all know, exercise and healthy eating come hand in hand.

The portion controlled kit was developed and created by personal trainer Julian Gaineto to assist his mum to reach a healthy weight after she had been on yo-yo diets for years. He began with creating three Lego boxes for each food group. When his mum lost weight, he relaised there was a gap in the market to educate people on portion control and voila, the mighty Mealkitt was born.

This kitchen gadget is available to buy online at an introductory price of £39.99 (originally £49.99). It comes with 100 goal specific recipes and a food and drinks guide. For more information visit here.

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