Cocktail Recipes With Boodles Rhubarb & Strawberry Gin

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World Gin Day may have come and gone earlier this month (13th June) but the summer weather is here to stay and gin is one of the favoured tipples of many to enjoy it. There are several gins out there as we know and its popularity is showing no sign of waning – especially pink gins. But there are several out of the market which can be full of artificial flavourings and colourings so it helps to seek those out which are the least tampered with and are as pure as possible. 

It’s Global Running Day – What Happens To Your Body When You Run?

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With gyms closed and fitness classes cancelled, many people are choosing to use the government’s unlimited exercise time to spend exercising outdoors. Perhaps you have been walking, or cycling or even started to run or jog to mix things up. This is great in helping you stay active and healthy during the lockdown as well as get a good dose of vitamin D. But what happens to the body after your session? A number of things can happen to the body during and after running and it’s good to understand how it all works.