Life definitely moves at a slower pace at Delphina hotels & resorts

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For those seeking a luxury sanctuary not too far from the UK, look no further than Delphina hotels & resorts in Sardinia. Just a two-hour hop from London, Valle dell’Erica is one of eight four and five-star hotels in the collection, each nestled in its own stunning area of Italian coastline. This five-star abode is great for families, group getaways and even provides the perfect hideaway for couples. With a long white sandy beach, seven well placed private nestled coves, three seawater pools and a swim-up pool bar, it’s the ideal place to put the brakes on the fast-paced life most of us are accustomed to. 

A Touch of ‘Old Fashioned Class’ at Bon Sol Hotel, Palma

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Some hotels can be described as merely an offering of lodging for travellers. And while that may be true on a basic level, they are for more than that. Get the ambience and hospitality right, and it would be like going from home-to-home. And that’s exactly what Bon Sol Hotel, in Palma Majorca does with a touch of ‘old fashioned class’ as I found out on my recent visit to the resort and spa hotel. 

A Mindful Way to Enjoy Samoens Without Skiing

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If you don’t ski, why would you go to a ski resort, right? Sadly, this is the notion some non-skiers have. But aside from taking part in some ‘après-ski’, there is plenty to get involved in at resorts full of the powder stuff as I found out. In fact, I realised the benefits of getting involved in some of the non-ski activities had a profound effect on mind, body and soul. 

The History, Culture and Beauty of Iberostar Grand Mencey, Tenerife

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When a band of cold weather brings snow and ice to our doorsteps, thoughts of warmer climes come naturally. And with Tenerife boasting plenty of sunshine all year around, just a few hours away, it’s hard not to want to escape there for a few days. I did just that with a trip to the iconic Iberostar Grand Mencey, on the island’s capital Santa Cruz.

Exploring Dalyan and Fethiye In Turkey Responsibly

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A walk along the main street of Dalyan, it’s easy to mistake it for a package tour destination. But away from the street lined with shops, restaurants and bars, it has so much more to offer as I discover. Once a tiny faring community, today this area in the South West of Turkey, is an excellent base for exploring the area while still promoting eco-tourism by conserving the environment and improving the well-being of local people. And in such fashion, we began our journey at Dalyan’s famous Lycian-style rock cut tombs.