Once Upon a Vine in Mount Etna, Sicily

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With 98,992 hectares of land, Sicily is the biggest wine-growing region in Italy when taking into consideration of the amount of land with vines (it ranks fourth in Italy for overall production with a yield per hectare). A privileged position to be in, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea with the perfect climate, makes Sicily the ideal place to grow quality grapes. And to celebrate all this island has to offer, Luxurious Magazine’s senior reporter Sabi Phagura went along to the 16th Sicilia en Primeur in Siracusa, an annual event to mark the end of the wine harvest season with a few stops along the route.

Learning How To Ski In Ischgl Austria

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Langlaufen in Galtür, 22.3.2018

What’s the cut-off age for starting to learn how to ski? Surely, it’s a sport you need to take up as a child? Apparently not. Just as health experts have been saying for years about exercise and fitness, ski experts say it’s never too late to start whether it’s downhill skiing, snowboarding or cross-country, Having never properly learned to ski before, I head to the slopes of Ischgl, Austria, to finally try her hand at the sport. 

Exploring Tenerife on Two Wheels With a Helping Hand from Hotel Jardin Tropical

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Long gone are the days when tourists wanted to fly and flop to their holiday destination. Nowadays, holidaymakers are more likely to want to tick as much as they can from their bucket list than just sit around soaking up the sun around a pool. With this in mind, Hotel Jardin Tropical, located towards the south of Costa Adeje on Tenerife’s west coast, opened a brand-new Cycling Centre on site. I went along to find out more and experience life on two wheels beyond the crowds along the coast. 

Getting to grips with the permaculture way of life

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When I was asked if I’d be interested in joining a permaculture course for three months in Andalusia, I have to admit I didn’t have a clue what ‘permaculture’ was. I mean sure, I had heard of it but what did it actually mean? And I wasn’t the only clueless one. When I proudly announced to my friends and family I would be going on a ‘permaculture’ course (after of course doing my research), they too were a little jaded on what it meant. So for clarification, allow me to explain in layman terms. 

Sustainable Tourism in the Balearic Islands

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Sustainable tourism is hot topic these days. It seems like almost everyone is talking about it. That’s because people on the whole are becoming more conscious of their carbon footprint.  And as travel is a powerful catalyst to educate and protect nature and cultural heritage, this is a good thing. Sustainable tourism allows people to travel by negating the negative impact on the environment, society and economy. Wanting to learn more it, I head out to the trail-blazing tourist destinations of Majorca and Menorca in the Balearic Islands to see for myself measures being put in place for sustainable tourism.