Adrenna Delvers Style and Ethics Activewear

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In an age where we have become a ‘throwaway culture’ by buying ‘cheap and often’, activewear, brand Adrenna is taking a different approach. As devotees to both well-being and sustainability, they launched their brand with a clear vision by pursuing their dream of making fitness gear to be environment friendly without having to compromise on style or quality. In their words ‘The planet shouldn’t have to sweat because you do’.

One Degree Beyond with 361 Trainers

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I love a good inspirational story. Especially a fitness one. You see, fitness is way more than just achieving a great body. It’s about focus, dedication and discipline among many other things. Always looking for inspiration in my own workouts, I stumbled across inspiring runner Kai Markus. This month he emabarked on a personal challenge to run 12,000km from Hamburg to Shangai across eight countries in 235 days.

A Lidl Help With Running

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The London Marathon is literally around the corner and if you have been inspired to take up running, why not get kitted up in the right gear. Lidl UK has just launched their new line of running gear and it’s seriously super stylish. On top of that it’s practical, very comfortable and great for your budget with prices starting from just £2.79.