The Lowdown on The Keto Diet

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We all know that health and fitness in a multi-billion pound industry. It’s no surprise then that diets are searched on the web all the time. But did you know that the keto diet is the most googled diet over the past year? It’s the one that claims to help you lose weight by eating fat. It’s the reason why there’s been a sharp increase in grass-fed better used in coffee and avocado and eggs for breakfast. But the diet is not new. It’s actually been prescribed to epilepsy sufferers since the 1920’s to help control seizures.


How to enjoy a healthy picnic

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Picnics are on the rise in the UK and quite right too with all this glorious sunshine we are enjoying. For most of us, packing a picnic basket and heading off to the park or park is a wonderful rite of summer. Add to the mix it’s proven that getting some fresh air and sunshine is good for you, there is absolutely no reason why we shouldn’t head out. And while traditional picnics of fried chicken, scotch eggs and creamy potato salads, can leave those of us concerned about our waistlines, there are tweaks that can be made which won’t create havoc on your diet. Let’s look at some tips below. 

Staying hydrated with Vit Stix

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Despite our best intentions (mine included), we don’t always get the right nutrients and vitamins into our bodies. With my jet setting lifestyle combined with all the exercise I cram into my daily life, it’s even harder. And since I’ve included Bikram Yoga in my life again, I’m a little more conscious of re-hydrating properly. Buying bottles of water with minerals can be costly so when I stumbled across Vit Stix, I thought it was worth a punt. 

Live life on the veg with Riverford

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There are tons of companies out there who deliver diet plans to your doorstep. And while they work for some people, I’ve been more inclined to invest in food that is as natural as it is meant to be. So, a box loaded with fresh fruit and vegetables and/or organic meat and poultry is always welcome on my doorstep. And it was when I embarked from yet another trip from somewhere around the world back into Reading station, that I noticed the pop-up stall for Riverford and I decided to investigate.