10 Reasons Why Strong is the New Sexy

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In this day and age, being physically fit is no longer just about burning fat and sweating out toxins from the body. Getting a good workout session doesn’t just happen in the gym either. Various exercises can be done right in the comfort of your home. If you make it a point to workout regardless of the circumstances, that says something about how strong you are as a person, both physically and otherwise. Here are some of the reasons why being strong is now considered sexy.

New Reformer Pilates studio opens In Reading

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I love trying out new classes because it’s a great way of challenging my body. When we repeatedly do the same exercises, the body gets used to it and doesn’t perform as well. So, it is important to keep coming up with a new fitness regime. This led me to try out Reformer Pilates at the newly opened studio in Reading, Berkshire, by owner and instructor Babs Afolayan. And to really get to grips with it, Babs gave me a one-to-one session.

4 Home Workout Mistakes You Need To Avoid

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Home workouts can be more convenient than the gym, not to mention you don’t have to schedule for travel time. But is it really the best way for you to get in shape? Below are some of the most popular mistakes that usually ruin your “at home” efforts, so check them out and decide if it’s the best choice for you.

Getting into the mindset of Online PT GymWolf

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For the most of us, eating well and exercising seems like a big chore. Despite our best intentions, curling up on the sofa and digging into a family-size bag of crisps binge-watching mindless TV seems a lot more appealing than dragging ourselves to the gym. So how do personal trainers get the motivation to exercise and eat healthy day in and day out? I caught up with online PT Ian Worthington, aka the GymWolfPT, to give me an insight into his mindset and some words of motivation to get people moving.