Health Benefits of Gardening

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We all know regular exercise has many benefits, including keeping your heart healthy and strong. And despite being a qualified fitness instructor, I’ve always said being fit doesn’t have to mean going to the gym. Everyday activities, such as gardening and walking, can have physical benefits and support mental wellbeing too which as you may know Im a huge advocate of.

4 Tips to sticking to your fitness goals in the heatwave

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We may have had a bit of unsettled weather this weekend, but the heatwave is coming back this week. I know it can be hard to stick to your fitness goals because of the hot weather but there are ways around it so you don’t have to forgo your health. Below are some tips on how to keep your fitness regime on track during the unusually hot British summer. 

Life can be colourful when running

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If you think running is dull, you’ve clearly not done The Colour Run. This run is seriously for everyone to get involved in from the young to the old. That’s because unlike a lot of 5k runs, this is more about getting involved and moving than trying to compete and obtain a personal best. Although, if that is your cup of tea, that’s fine too. You see, The Colour Run encourages you to run, walk or dance your way through the course all the while being splashed in bright vibrant colours. Now in its sixth year, the run presented by F45 attracted 15,000 participants this month. 

Five reasons why you should be climbing stairs

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Everyone who knows me knows I love stairs. I climb them all the time and as soon as I see them, I get rather excited. When I’m on the London Underground, I jump the queue for the escalators and race up them. And as a travel writer, whenever I see the walking escalator at airports, I challenge myself to beat the people walking on them. Perhaps my nuttiest time was when I worked at The Daily Star. Working on the second floor, I would actually go to the ninth floor just to use the loo. With my daily quota of water intake, you can imagine how many times I went up and down them.