Stay In The Zone to Monitor Physical Activity With Myzone

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There is something to be said about fitness classes. Survey figures from EMD UK estimate that 4.86 million in England alone regularly partake in group exercise classes. Even before Covid-19 kicked in and change the way we keep fit; technology has been instrumental in increasing the scope of these classes. While many gyms re-opened at the end of last month, capacity restrictions have been enforced to accommodate social distancing.  

Who Knew Picking Dog Poo Could Burn Calories!

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We all know that moving and staying fit is important in lockdown so it’s no wonder the word ‘exercise’ has been rankling even higher than usual on Google since quarantine. Not least because we need to stay physical, but also because it will do wonders for our mental health. But with gyms shut down, some outdoor areas closed off to the public, it can be hard to get a workout in. Add to that, and at-home gym equipment, virtually all sold out, and it’s hard not to dismiss the idea of keeping fit altogether. But keeping fit is not limited to equipment around the home. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, it’s time to head outdoors.

Get Away From It All at Escape Ritual Bali

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Tranquillity, peace and happiness. Isn’t that what we are all striving for? With our busy hectic modern lives, these precious states of well-being are often overlooked.  But they needn’t be. With some deliberate focus and action, they can be achieved on a daily basis. And to kick-start your plans to incorporate them into your daily life, look no further than seven days and six nights away from the world as you know it, and head to the epitome of health through Escape Ritual, Bali.