Looking to Invest in Property in Portugal? We Head to Quinta do Lago, Algarve

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The Algarve region of Portugal is a popular area for those wishing to buy property either as an investment or as a primary location to live in. Located along the southern coastline, the climate is neither too hot nor too cold and has a wealth of diversity to offer in the shape of quaint fishing villages, lush beaches and trendy cities.  

Working Up a Sweat With Loraine Kelly

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January sees an influx of celeb led fitness DVDs being released. And while the intentions are good, I often find that the emphasis is on short terms goals like ‘how to get bikini body ready in 12 weeks. They seem to want to cram in exercise with just a short term goal in mind. Add in to the mix that the said celebrity piles on the pounds before you have even finished the workout, well it doesn’t leave me with much faith in them.

It’s A Wrap With Wristband Earphones

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Music and fitness come hand in hand so I always like to have my tunes with me to listen to when at the gym or venturing outdoors for when I walk or go for a gentle jog. But one of the most annoying things I find is my headphones all tangled up at the bottom of my gym bag or quite frankly tangled up wherever I last discarded them. So you can imagine my delight upon stumbling across Wraps earphones. Put simply earphones that double up as a wrist band.

How to get a Fitness Model Body

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FIT - Brazier

Want a Fitness models but not a bodybuilders? Dubai’s three-time World Beauty Fitness & Fashion (WBFF) champion Andreia Brazier has released her 8-week body transformation DVD to help you out. Most women think that lifting weights will make them bulky but that’s simply not true. For a start, women do not have the same level as testosterone as men and take one look at the fellas – they lift a ridiculous amount of weight and they hardly all look like Arnie. I rest my case.

Jane Fonda: Trim, Tone and Flex DVD

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She’s just turned 74 and has osteoarthritis in her hands and feet. She has had hip and knee replacement ops and overcome breast cancer, bulimia and depression. But yet, this granny has no plans to slow down just yet and has just released her 27th fitness DVD – Jane Fonda: Trim Tone and Flex. Ok, she admits she had a bit of cosmetic surgery on her chin, neck and eyes, but there’s no doubting her enthusiasm for all things health and fitness. And this workout is designed for anyone who has never done a workout in their life as well as for the 50+ audience.