Five Of The Best Foods To Eat For A Sound Mind

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Today is World Mental Health Day and I’m so glad that a day has been set aside for this. Mental Health affects so many people and we should not forget them for the rest of the year. Mental illness like so many of you out there is close to my heart because my oldest sister suffers from it. It’s hard for us, but harder for her. Growing up with her, made me very aware of mental health. In fact, I read up lots on it and it’s how I became a fitness instructor and started to focus on improving my general health. Mind, body and spirit all come hand in hand.

Food Prep Got Easier With Box Appetit Lunch Box

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I’ve been a big fan of food prep long before it became fashionable. You see, growing up in a Sikh household, it wasn’t customary to eat out. When we went out we would often pack our lunches for the seaside or day out or alternatively travel to friends and relative’s houses’ and be served home cooked food. For school, I always took my own lunches. So, when I got older, I didn’t really fancy going to fast food chains as my pallet wasn’t used to it. And I certainly didn’t like the fact I was clueless as to what was in my food.

Healthy snacks for those autumnal walks

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Autumn is that time of year that screams to be embraced with a run, jog or brisk walk in the fresh air amidst the colourful fallen trees. And if you’re anything like me, a short walk can often turn into a good few hours which means refuelling en route. But whether you are planning a short or longer walk, it pays to have an energy-boosting snack with you. That way you will not undo all that hard work the moment you return home and find yourself raiding the fridge. Getting the right nutrition inside you, means you will be able to perform at your optimum fitness levels. Here are my five go-to fuels that will keep me on track while I enjoy the great outdoors.

Here’s How To Feel Upbeat – Protein Smoothie

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I like a good protein shake not only to fuel myself post gym, but also as a quick pick me up healthier snack when on the go or during my travels. However, not all protein shakes taste nice or are even healthy. Some are actually just full of sugar and ingredients I don’t have a clue about. Still, I’m always happy to try them out and that is how I discovered the new dairy protein smoothie Upbeat.

Love Cocoa launches Avocado Chocolate

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Avocados have enjoyed a lot of press in recent years thanks to foodies (me included) hailing it on Instagram and other social media channels. And with good reason too because it’s so versatile. It’s great in smoothies, salads, smashed on toast as well as making healthy desserts. And now you can get this mighty green fruit in the form of chocolate and I was only too eager to taste it. The result? Proper melt in the mouth!