Feel Extra Special at The Biggest Ever Lush Store

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If you love a bit of pampering, be prepared to be spoilt at Lush’s biggest store in the world. The handmade beauty brand has opened the store complete with a florist, spa and a perfume lab. The Liverpool store opened on Friday and I had the privilege to be one of the first to enter in. It was like walking into a sweet shop – eyes wide open with jaw-dropped. Yep that’s exactly how I styled my visit. 

The Relax Set from ILU to wear indoors and out

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Despite the unusually warm weather we had at the end of February, it’s not quite spring yet. And there’s nothing like coming home after a long day’s work and relaxing in cosy pyjamas. But you really don’t have to compromise style over comfort. And that is exactly the ethos behind ILU’s newly launched ‘Relax Set’. I recently stumbled across them and decided to trial it out. 

Tap Water v’s Zerowater

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FITwater1 (1)

All water is created equal right? Not so. It’s one of the reasons why so many people drink bottles water. But if you’re conscious of contributing to the overuse of plastic, then you may want to consider water filter band Zerowater. The ready-to-pour pitcher aims to provide pure tasting drinking water. 

From Dry January to Gen!us drinking

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Congratulations if you have just finished dry January! For most, it’s no easy feat when so many social activities are associated around alcohol – a drink after work, drinks before or after cinema, a dinner invite. It seems there really is no escape from it. But if you did complete dry January or are ‘sober curious’ then it is worth looking at your drinking habits past the dry January period.