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Most of us are enjoying a drink or two on a Friday night sharing it with friends and family online through video calling. Well, this evening you can add a little Tequila twist to it to mark World Paloma Day. 1800® Tequila has created a perfect playlist to mark the occasion. Part of the 1800 Hour campaign, the premium tequila has released a playlist of the best music to sip Mexico’s most popular tequila cocktail for today as we kick start a 3-day weekend.

Testing Out The Wild Side of Deodorant

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I’ve always had a simple approach to life and prefer to like to peddle a natural way of living whether that is my food, exercise regime, taste in clothes or outlook in life. And of course, my beauty regime falls into that category too. The idea that we are all encouraged to exercise and eat well and then tempted by the beauty industry to slather ourselves with chemicals, parabens and silicones has never sat well with me. So, my beauty routine has been super simple – I barely use any lotions and positions. I try my best to use organic soap for my body and hair, use coconut oil as a moisturiser and pretty much go bare-faced to avoid makeover. As a result, I swear by having good skin. 

How to achieve Calm during Covid-19 Lockdown

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There’s no doubting it the world collectively is facing some difficult times right now and for the foreseeable future. Stress and anxiety levels are going up and self-isolation and social distancing aren’t helping matters either. And if looking after yourself has ever been crucial, then it is right now. We at Luxurious Magazine truly believe that alongside cleansing your home, cleansing your mind should take priority. So, we have been looking at a simple way of turning your home space into a sanctuary. Candles.  

Getting to grips with the permaculture way of life

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When I was asked if I’d be interested in joining a permaculture course for three months in Andalusia, I have to admit I didn’t have a clue what ‘permaculture’ was. I mean sure, I had heard of it but what did it actually mean? And I wasn’t the only clueless one. When I proudly announced to my friends and family I would be going on a ‘permaculture’ course (after of course doing my research), they too were a little jaded on what it meant. So for clarification, allow me to explain in layman terms. 

Gocycle GS Review – an e-bike for the urban commuter

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E-bikes are gaining popularity and for good reason. They have come a long way since they first appeared on our roads. And with the rise of the UK nation becoming ever health conscious, e-bikes are being used for getting fitter, commuting, running errands or simply to have fun on. We road-tested the Gocycle GS, which sits second in line to the original Gocycle G1, to see how it performs and can fit into anyone’s lifestyle.