Kitesurfing in Mauritius

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As someone who loves water and sport, I’m quite surprised at myself for not being involved in water sports much sooner. I guess it’s because I have never been much of a swimmer. I blame my school for not emphasising the importance of swimming considering we live on an island. So yes I was late to getting involved in water sports but each time I get a chance to get out in the water, I grab it with both hands. And that is exactly what I did when I was offered to take kite surfing lessons in Mauritius arranged by Planet Kitesurf Holidays.

Exploring Dalyan and Fethiye In Turkey Responsibly

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A walk along the main street of Dalyan, it’s easy to mistake it for a package tour destination. But away from the street lined with shops, restaurants and bars, it has so much more to offer as I discover. Once a tiny faring community, today this area in the South West of Turkey, is an excellent base for exploring the area while still promoting eco-tourism by conserving the environment and improving the well-being of local people. And in such fashion, we began our journey at Dalyan’s famous Lycian-style rock cut tombs. 

Why Isle of Man Should be Your Next Holiday Destination 

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When I mentioned to some people I was heading to the Isle of Man, a few questioned “Why are you going there?” You see, lots of people believe you have to go somewhere far flung to enjoy a proper holiday. But through my experience as a travel writer over the years, I have come to realise you really don’t have to venture too far to enjoy a good trip. Besides, Isle of Man was the place to go on holiday in the 1960s before we all started to head to Europe and beyond. I was eager to go and explore this island and discover just what it had to offer. 

Natures TV screen at Nausicaa, Boulogne

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Mesmerised by the huge screen in front of me you would think I was watching a gripping drama unfolding right in front of me. Instead, I was watching the Great Ocean Show: a real life foray into the secret world of the depths of the ocean at Nausicaa in Boulogne-sur-mer. My viewing panel measuring 38 cm thick, 20 metres wide, five metres high and weighing 54 tonnes. The tank is modelled on the natural environment around the island of Malpelo  which is located far away from any coasts. It illustrates marine life in the open sea from the surface to the depths of the ocean. 

Wild swimming, chasing pine martens, flying a glider pilot – it can only be the Shropshire Hills

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Stripping down to my teeny-weeny pink polka-dot bikini to have a swim in the great outdoors, you would be forgiven to think I was in some hot country about to take a dip in a pool to cool down. Instead, I was in Clee Hills in the Shropshire hills, on a bitterly cold October morning, having my first experience of wild swimming in the lake as part of learning all that the county has to offer. Invigorating as it was, I wasn’t going to turn it into a regular past time unlike our leader and wild swimming devotee Jules McRobbie.