Brummies most committed to getting healthy in 2013!

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The folk of Birmingham are most committed to stick to New Year’s resolutions, according to a new survey.

And as most resolutions include losing weight, joining a gym and giving up smoking, Brummies are most likely to become healthy.

Detox kits were popular with the residents of Birmingham and Newcastle according to money-saving website

And it’s women aged between 36 and 40 who are feeling the biggest need to purge.

Other Brummies have been busy hitting the gym this January in a bid to get trim, spending more money on gym memberships and diets than any other city.

Birmingham, again came trumps with Sheffield when it came to making the greatest effort to stop smoking, with electronic cigarettes proving popular.

Meanwhile, the survey found that Londoners spend the most on sports nutritional supplements.

The people of Chelmesford, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle are most likely to take the easy route to the body beautiful, spending the greatest amount on surgical deals.

The people of Warrington however, are happy just the way they are, spending the least.

Women in their late 50s are forking out more for surgical procedures than any other age group, but younger men aged between 26 and 30 are not far behind.

According to the analysis by, Northern Ireland and Wales are the least concerned about their appearance, spending the smallest amount on health and beauty products.

The biggest spenders are in East Anglia, with teeth whitening and corsets topping the list of popular purchases.

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