Be Grateful for the body you have while working on the body you want

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Sometimes we get so bogged down with wanting things, that we actually forget to stop and appreciate the things we already have. More and more research indicates that counting your blessings not only makes you feel better but it’s actually good for your health. In some cases in people the practice of gratitude has improved the immune system, lowered blood pressure and helped induce a good night’s sleep. In other reported cases, grateful people felt less depressed and less fatigued

This made me think about the way we think of our bodies when we are on a mission to lose weight and get fitter. If we constantly put ourselves down while working on the body we want, we are not doing ourselves any favours. We’re more likely to reach out for nutrient deficient food when depressed, stressed or not sleeping well. Stress hormones like cortisol – which make you eat more – is 23 per cent lower in grateful people. And here is one I love as I am maturing – having a daily gratitude practice can reduce the effects of aging to the brain.

Just think. When you start being grateful, you will sleep better, as a result your mood will be lifted, you will be likely to make healthier food choices and it will definitely make you want to go out there and start moving and exercising. In return, all these acts combined together will help you in achieving the body you have always desired while making you feel like a better person all round both physically and mentally.


A great way of starting being grateful is by journaling it. My sister Harj kindly bought me a gratitude journal for Christmas and although I practice gratitude regularly this has made me take time out daily to focus on all the good things happening in my life. You may feel you have nothing to be grateful for at the beginning but when you start thinking of the roof over your head, the food you eat, the friends you have, the job that brings in the money, they all start accumulating.

So go on take just five minutes out of your day to day and think about what it is you’re grateful for. Trust me, it will raise your spirits and over time will really help you achieve not only your body goals but anything else you set your mind to.

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