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Sabi Phagura

I am a freelance journalist and lifestyle blogger. I travel the world covering travel, destinations, hotel, spas and bar reviews and love fitness. This blog illustrates how you can lead a healthy lifestyle, travel the world and still have a life! I am also a qualified fitness instructor, Punjabi-Hindi interpreter and a champagne and rum enthusiast.

Horsing Around in St. Austell, Cornwall

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Some people are born knowing how to cycle, skateboard or even horse ride. And although I wasn’t born knowing how to do the first two, I have discovered I may have been born with a gene that makes me a bit of a natural when it comes to horse riding. Ok I’ve based that on the sole fact that I didn’t fall flat on my face the first time I got on a horse but it’s a pretty good assumption by my standards.

Madeira, A Walker’s Paradise

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After kayaking in the fjords, hiking the Ox mountain, and completing my first ever via ferrata in a beautiful but cold Norway, I was looking forward to some much needed R&R in Madeira. But first I faced the prospect of slumming it on the airport concourse floor at Gatwick airport.

The Land of Fjords

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Icy winds, blustery showers, choppy waters. Exactly what had I let myself in for? Getting out of the house for a jog on a cold autumnal day is hard enough, let alone travelling all the way to Norway on an outdoor adventure trip in what seemed like sub zero temperatures. But I was here now, right in the middle of the Norwegian Fjords, in my dive suit, strapped in my kayak, rocking side to side thanks to the stormy weather, and there was no way out.

On Yer Bike!

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I’ve been meaning to get back on my bike for over a year now but have never got around to buying a new one after mine was stolen. I mean, it’s not as if I don’t keep fit in other ways – weight lifting, running, body combat – to name but a few exercises I engage in on a daily basis. But when I was invited to the luxurious La Manga club on a cycling trip, as well as road test a new bike, I thought it was high time I got back into the saddle.

Fiesta in Murcia

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If you’re a curious type, you should most definitely go to the region of Murcia. Here there is a story around every corner, under every stone and on the tip of the tongue of everyone. And in Murcia there’s always something going on all year around: music festivals, art exhibitions, theatre, markets and festivities.