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I am a freelance journalist and lifestyle blogger. I travel the world covering travel, destinations, hotel, spas and bar reviews and love fitness. This blog illustrates how you can lead a healthy lifestyle, travel the world and still have a life! I am also a qualified fitness instructor, Punjabi-Hindi interpreter and a champagne and rum enthusiast.

Top 10 Summer Fitness Motivation Tips

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Whilst we are all looking forward to a bit of sunshine the yearly pursuit of your ultimate beach body can really cast a shadow on the excitement. Women’s Fitness brand USA Pro. is here to help. USA Pro Personal Trainer Lucy Wyndham Read has put together her top tips for keeping you motivated in the run up to your holiday.

Are You Lying About How Much Exercise You Do?

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We all like to think that we are fit and healthy. We run for the bus and we think we’ve had a workout and will tell anyone willing to listen (or not) that we’ve just worked out. But how many of us fib about exactly how much exercise we do on a regular basis? According to new research over half of us tell porkies about the level of exercise that we do and just love to brag about it on Facebook and other social media websites.

One Size Does Not Fit All

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I knew I would grab your attention with that title!

I’m talking of fitness of course. I used to look at runners pounding the street and think, ‘I don’t know why he/she is doing that?’ or ‘How on earth can that be enjoyable?’. But fast forward a few years, and I’m the one pounding the streets come rain, wind, and er more rain and wind (such is our weather!)

Who says ski season needs to end in March?

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A lot of us will have taken part in the sport this winter and probably got quite fit as a result. But that doesn’t mean you need to lose your fitness until the next season. Continuing ski training will improve your technique and fitness for the coming season. As most people know, you can keep your body in good shape throughout the year to maximise your enjoyment on the slopes next year. Cycling, running, swimming and skipping are all good for cardiovascular fitness as are aerobic workouts. Experts say to improve endurance, your fitness training should include at least 20 uninterrupted minutes of aerobic work at least three times a week. And if you want to retain your fitness but still want to feel the joys of skiing then there is hope yet.

A Chalet For Cyclists

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I’ve never been much of a skier or a mountain bike rider and I’m certainly no expert in either. But it’s not because I’m not interested. Instead, it’s more to do with a lack of time and money. So when I had the chance to escape to Carmarthenshire to experience a “ski-chalet for mountain bikers”, I thought it was a good time to lap up the opportunity.