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When most people think of a detox they immediately think it’s a quick fix diet to shed those extra pounds. And why wouldn’t they? Lots of celebrities extol the virtues of a detox diet, like Carol Vorderman, who promises detox will do everything from helping you to lose weight, get rid of cellulite and feel more energetic to banishing colds, making you feel calmer and lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels. And it’s no wonder us mere mortals are tempted to give a detox programme a go.

So in pursuit of reaching optimal health, I decided to give the Lemon Detox programme a go – a five-day detox programme.

The festive season has long become a distant memory but for most of us the comfort eating has been continuing if only to brace ourselves from these sub zero temperatures. For me, it’s not food that’s the problem but the extra pints of lager here and there and the copious amounts of tea I drink during the day, so the detox came at the perfect time as I decided to embark on the programme to cleanse my body of these build up of toxins.

The hard core version of the Lemon Detox diet is certainly not for the weak willed. I would liken it to a fast as all you consume is liquid over the course of five to ten days depending on how long you want to remain on the detox. The concoction is made up of freshly squeezed lemons (juice from concentrates is strictly forbidden) and Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup (a blend of maple and palm syrup).  And cayenne pepper to taste. Although this programme can be done independently at home, I embarked on the Lemon Detox package offered at Blythswood Square, in Glasgow’s city centre. I wanted to be ready both mentally and physically for the challenge that lay ahead.

On arrival, I was swept right into the lap of luxury and asked to sit in a seaweed bath for 45 minutes. The seaweed felt slimy at first but I soon got used to it and I actually felt it quite soothing against my skin. I almost fell asleep in my tranquil surroundings but was awoken by a gentle knock on the door to be taken along to my next treatment.

The five star spa’s signature range of treatment is called ‘Turus’ which is the Gaelic word for journey – and I certainly felt like I was on one as I was treated to the 90 minute Turus Wrap. The scrub was made up of lavender, juniper berry, cedarwood and vetivert and applied all over my body by my lovely therapist Lynsey. After a brief power shower, I returned to the massage table where Lynsey applied an all over body balm for feeding the senses. This was made up of argan oil, organis beeswax, rose otto and rose geranium. It was after this that I was introduced to my liquid friend – the Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup mixed with fresh lemons. Much to my surprise this tasted really pleasant. Being a fan of hot food, I liberally added a large pinch of cayenne pepper to it. I was informed that I needed to drink at least six glasses of the mixture per day for the next five. That alone was hard to digest. By the evening, I admit I was a wee bit hungry  but thanks to my treatments, sleep came easily and I slept like a log.

On the morning of day two, it’s common for detoxers to feel lethargic, nauseous, or have a headache. This is normally associated with the withdrawal of caffeine. Apart from feeling weak and my stomach growling from hunger from time to time, I was otherwise ok and even managed to squeeze in a gentle exercise. By day three I felt much better. I wasn’t feeling tired at all and my stomach felt flat. I felt very comfortable in my clothes and had a spring in my step!

On day four I was feeling really great actually but still felt daunted at the thought of not eating for the next two days. However, I remained strong and kept myself busy to distract myself from food. I no longer felt weak so I continued with my normal exercise routine at the gym. By day five I was so used to not eating that I was on autopilot when it came to breakfast, lunch and dinner and made a dart for the potion instead of the fridge.

The bonus was, I even shed weight – 5Ibs in five days to be exact. The weight has stayed off and my appetite has definitely shrunk. My hair and my skin also feel so much better. The best thing for me though has to be that my cravings for sweet foods have virtually gone. For someone who finds it hard to resist a bar of chocolate on a fairly regular basis, this is truly a miracle.

This challenge would suit anyone looking for a way to make long term changes to their eating habits. Instead it encourages you to think differently about food and makes you want to eat well having fasted for so many days.

Remember it’s not a quick fix diet but a detox programme and a great way to kick start your healthy regime.

For more information on the Lemon Detox Package at Blythswood Square visit the blythswoodsquare web site or call them direct on 0141 248 8888. Also check out lemondetox

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