6 Top Tips For Buying Sportswear For The Winter

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Whether you’re planning to burn off the Christmas calories, or want to sustain your long-term exercise habits during the winter season, you’ll need the right sportswear for the job. Here are six top tips for buying sportswear for the winter: 

Layer up and prepare for the rain 

It’s tempting to go for the thickest clothes for your winter morning jog. But getting active will quickly heat up your body. Choose thin, moisture-wicking’ clothes that you can layer up. Looking for thin and breathable clothes might seem like the wrong thing to do when there’s ice on the street outside. But it allows you to easily adjust your outfit as your body temperature fluctuates. 


As well as being prepared for the cold, you need to plan for being in the rain. This is the case even if you plan to go to the gym, where you can exercise indoors. At some point, you’ll have to be out in the open. Make sure that the shoes you choose are made of strong waterproof material. The best shoes will support you during exercise, and keep your socks nice and dry. 

Get touchscreen-friendly gloves 

If you’re going to be running in winter, then you’ll want some touchscreen-friendly gloves. These will keep your hands warm when you’re out and about. Touchscreen-friendly gloves will still allow you to use your mobile phone. If it’s where you keep your running playlist, then that’s a very important feature. You don’t need to stop and remove your gloves every time you want to choose a different song. 


Buy from ethical companies 

Make sure that you’re choosing items from companies with strict codes of conduct. Many of the clothes that people buy have been produced using modern slavery, and almost 21 million people are directly affected by modern slavery every day. When you’re buying sportswear to better yourself, you can also make things better for other people. 

Plan some indoor exercise 

Even if you usually exercise outdoors, there will be times during winter that it simply won’t be possible. Snow and ice can be a hazard, leaving you with an injury that puts you out of action for weeks. On days when the weather outside is simply too much to face, you can work on your fitness with indoor alternatives. Why not buy a new swimming costume for winter lengths in the pool, or shorts and a t-shirt for an indoor exercise class? As you buy your winter sportswear, don’t assume that all of your exercise will be done in sub-zero temperatures. You’re more likely to stick to regular exercise if you mix things up a little. 


Make sure you’ve got pockets  

During the winter months, when there are fewer people around and you’re more likely to trip or fall, it’s crucial that your clothes include good pockets. Pack a few small first aid essentials if you’re going out in the snow and ice, and make sure that you’ve got your phone with you. If your clothes don’t have pockets, you can wear a wristband or armband that has a zipped storage compartment. 

Cover your mouth 

Breathing in the cold winter air can be difficult when you’re exercising. This is especially true if you’re asthmatic, or have another respiratory condition. Your winter sportswear kit should include something to cover your mouth, that you can add or remove very easily. Look out for a running mask, a snood, a neck-warmer or a balaclava. Your exercise routine shouldn’t come to an end as the nights draw in. Taking a winter break can set you back and have a negative impact on your health. This winter, don’t hibernate. Keep going – with the right winter sportswear to keep you safe and healthy. 





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