Who Knew Picking Dog Poo Could Burn Calories!

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We all know that moving and staying fit is important in lockdown so it’s no wonder the word ‘exercise’ has been rankling even higher than usual on Google since quarantine. Not least because we need to stay physical, but also because it will do wonders for our mental health. But with gyms shut down, some outdoor areas closed off to the public, it can be hard to get a workout in. Add to that, and at-home gym equipment, virtually all sold out, and it’s hard not to dismiss the idea of keeping fit altogether. But keeping fit is not limited to equipment around the home. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, it’s time to head outdoors.

With the weather on our side, it makes sense to take full advantage of our gardens. I’ve always loved gardens and was lucky to have access to a good-sized one as I grew up and was encouraged to spend as much time as I could outdoors. It kept me fit and moving for hours. So, when I was looking ways to keep fit closer to home, with little or no equipment, I naturally thought about gardening. There’s plenty to keep you occupied and you can burn calories at the same time.


FarawayFurniture.com analysed various garden activities and estimated the average calories that could be burnt per hour (depending on your current fitness level and how vigorously you attack each activity!). And what were their findings? Well, they can reveal that ‘mowing the lawn’ with a manual push mower is the best garden activity you can do to burn calories. This was closely followed by ‘digging’ in the garden, which is estimated to burn 350 calories per hour. ‘Planting seeds’ is unsurprisingly the worst for losing calories, with just 50 calories burnt per hour, while ‘raking leaves’ only burns 25 more per hour with 75 calories.


I did have to laugh at the next bit of the research though. If you have a dog, ‘picking up dog poo’ could burn an estimated 150 calories per hour. Now either you would have to be the owner of an exceptional number of dogs, or your pooch has serious toilet issues I cannot imagine anyone spending an hour cleaning up dog mess, no matter how much their pooch is dear to them. I digress.

So, these results show that while it may be difficult being stuck at home, you can still get some good quality exercise and stay in shape. You just have to think outside the box. Any exercise is good exercise and all you have to do is move. And another bonus is that your garden will look in great shape too.

At  a glance look at the amount of calories activities and estimated Calories Burnt Per Hour

Mowing the lawn (manual) 400

Digging 350

Assembling Garden Furniture 275

Hedge Trimming (Manual) 250

Weeding 175

Picking Up Dog Poo 150

Painting Fences 125

Cleaning Patio 100

Raking Leaves 75

Planting Seeds 50

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