5 Mistakes to avoid when joining the gym

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After an indulgent Christmas holiday, most of us will turn our attention to getting fit. And so we should. You see, getting fit is not just about losing weight and having a good body. There is a plethora of reasons why taking up some form of exercise by joining the gym is good for us. Being less stressed, having better skin, having mental clarity, sleeping better and being happier are just some of them. And while the New Year is a great time to start your fitness regime, here are 5 pitfalls to avoid when joining the gym. 

Don’t fail to plan 

The saying ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’ is an important one when setting out any goal. It is important to go to the gym with a purpose. Identifying your own personal goal will help you plan an effective workout as well as keep you motivated on your health journey. 

Don’t overdo it 

When you’re fired up about starting a fitness journey, it is easy to throw yourself into a workout routine. But if you are not used to taking regular exercise, it’s important not to overdo it. Doing too much too quickly could have you burning out. It is best to build up to a consistent and regular workout routine. 


Stay motivated 

Following on from the above, it is easy to be full of motivation when you embark on a new fitness goal. But come week three and four, you may lose that motivation and feel like exercise is a chore. To ensure you stay focused, track your exercise to keep improving on your personal goals, make a list of why you started in the first place, or take progress pictures. Also vary your workout every few weeks so that boredom doesn’t kick in and your body is constantly challenged. 


Don’t be intimidated 

Every single person in the gym are on their own personal fitness journey so it is important not to be intimidated by anyone else. Don’t focus on someone who may be running faster than you or lifting heavier. They may have been members at the gym for a long time or just have a different level of strength. Remember they too were newbies at some point. Focus on your own goals and keep showing up. 

Be Patient 

Expecting to run before you can walk is a huge mistake. Be patient and allow time for your body to adapt and change. Appreciate every step along the way and enjoy the journey. With time, consistency and patience you will definitely achieve your goals. The most important thing is you have taken the first step to improve your health and making this year you start putting yourself first. 

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