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Tap Water v’s Zerowater

Written by Sabi Phagura on . Posted in Lifestyle and Beauty


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All water is created equal right? Not so. It’s one of the reasons why so many people drink bottles water. But if you’re conscious of contributing to the overuse of plastic, then you may want to consider water filter band Zerowater. The ready-to-pour pitcher aims to provide pure tasting drinking water. 

Liquid Brunch on Saturday’s the Mal Way

Written by Sabi Phagura on . Posted in Hotels, Lunch, Restaurants


Forget lie-ins – your Saturday’s are going to get busy from now on. Malmaison, in Reading, Berkshire has just launched their Bottomless Saturday Brunch. For two full hours you can swig unlimited prosecco or Heineken while you sit back and relax in the cosy lounge. And there is plenty of brunch plates to choose from to soak up that booze. There is everything from sweet to savoury and big and small dishes to satisfy any appetite. 

The History, Culture and Beauty of Iberostar Grand Mencey, Tenerife

Written by Sabi Phagura on . Posted in Hotels, Travel

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When a band of cold weather brings snow and ice to our doorsteps, thoughts of warmer climes come naturally. And with Tenerife boasting plenty of sunshine all year around, just a few hours away, it’s hard not to want to escape there for a few days. I did just that with a trip to the iconic Iberostar Grand Mencey, on the island’s capital Santa Cruz.

From Dry January to Gen!us drinking

Written by Sabi Phagura on . Posted in Food Products, Lifestyle and Beauty


Congratulations if you have just finished dry January! For most, it’s no easy feat when so many social activities are associated around alcohol – a drink after work, drinks before or after cinema, a dinner invite. It seems there really is no escape from it. But if you did complete dry January or are ‘sober curious’ then it is worth looking at your drinking habits past the dry January period. 

Exploring Dalyan and Fethiye In Turkey Responsibly

Written by Sabi Phagura on . Posted in Adventure, Travel


A walk along the main street of Dalyan, it’s easy to mistake it for a package tour destination. But away from the street lined with shops, restaurants and bars, it has so much more to offer as I discover. Once a tiny faring community, today this area in the South West of Turkey, is an excellent base for exploring the area while still promoting eco-tourism by conserving the environment and improving the well-being of local people. And in such fashion, we began our journey at Dalyan’s famous Lycian-style rock cut tombs. 

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