The ‘Hidden Gem’ that is the Laura Ashley Hotel – The Iliffe

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While some people are up in arms about not being able to travel abroad, I’ve been busying ourselves looking for staycations. And the more we research, the more places we discover like the Laura Ashley Hotel – The Iliffe which guests have christened a ‘hidden gem’. Curious to find out more, Sabi Phagura went along for a visit. 

Develop a New Downtime Ritual With Mother Root

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Figures released this month by the alcohol industry monitor Drinkaware revealed 26 per cent of people drank more during the first lockdown. And the majority of the consumption was driven up by women. ‘Having more rime available’ and having ‘less structure to my day’ were stated as the top reasons. Stress, anxiety and boredom were also cited as factors. Yet, according to statistics, this time around many of us don’t want us to continue drinking like that. 

Boozy Brits? Not this lot. The new generation is all about being ‘balanced’ with a helping hand from Caleño

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With a second lockdown looming it’s so easy to drown our sorrows in a drink or two. But we all know that when our mood is low, drinking alcohol is not the best of ideas. It’s likely to send you in a downward spiral. The other reason people pick up a drink is because the alternatives have never been the best. But that has been changing for some time now and there is a plethora of much more exciting adult alcohol-free drinks on the market. I should know – I’ve been experimenting with them since I knocked the booze on the head last year.  And I’m not the only one. Young adults have reduced their alcohol intake during the lockdown and are redefining Britain’s relationship with drink. 

Working from home? Then work it!

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In today’s busy world, finding time to work out can be tricky. And now with a second nationwide lockdown, even if we wanted to the gym, we currently can’t. If you’re working from home and have an office job you may want to break up the day to go out for a simple jog, walk or cycle in nature. You can slot any of these activities before, during lunch or after work. But if that’s not feasible, (for example you’re a full-time carer or a parent looking after a child) don’t fret. You can still do some simple stretches from home. All you need is your body and just a small amount of space. 

TENZING – an energy drink with a kick without the crush

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The demand for good-quality plant-based ingredients in food has been in high demand since the vegan trend off. While the demand for decent nourishing soft drinks has been slow to start, it’s now started to pick up the pace. Soft drinks with plant extracts, natural food colourings with little or no processed ingredients make up the magic formula for a thirst-quenching drink. Next best to h2o, it also needs to actively support certain bodily functions, made as simply, sustainably and in line with ethical standards. 

Heroes Vodka: Super-premium quality vodka made with benevolence

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Let’s face it – there’s so much doom and gloom in the news what with lockdown after lockdown and rules changing. While I like to stay informed with current affairs (well it is my job) I also like to hunt down positive news. That’s; the idea behind this blog to make it light hearted, informative and fun. With Christmas round the corner, I am now of course being emailed about tipples and how to raise a glass to the festive season. There are so many brands out there (to consume or to give as gifts) it’s really hard to know which ones to go for but one email really resonated with me. Heroes Vodka – such a great story behind the brand. 

Nordic Walking – It’s More Than Just A Walk

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Although Nordic Walking has been around for a while now, there are still a lot of half-truths about the activity floating around. Hell, I’ve been guilty of it too in my younger days and I’m a trained fitness instructor. Granted it’s fantastic for older people, those with joint problems and injuries but it’s not limited to those fitting this criteria. In fact such is its growing popularity, some British schools have successfully implemented Nordic Walking into their PE curriculum over the past couple of years.  

Relax……It’s National Relaxation Day (Yes, it really is!)

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You’d think with Covid-19 kicking in this year and having to stay at home and do nothing, we would all be a little relaxed. Wrong! In fact, we have been the opposite and more stressed than ever. Add to that feeling the pressure of having to ‘do more’ during the lockdown, such as keeping fit, baking, learning a new skill, relaxation has been relegated to the bottom of the pile of the things we need to do.